Steel Tip Tungsten Copper Dart

Tungsten Copper Dart Picture

The steel tip tungsten copper darts have been around for a very long time now and come in a few different types. The oldest style of dart produced these days is the wooden widdy dart that has a inch wooden barrel and steel tips built into the barrel. It would surely be a minor miracle to score a 180 with those darts.

The other more common dart is the standard steel tip dart with the tip built into the metal barrel. The barrel can be made of brass or tungsten or tungsten copper alloy. The main difference between the two metals is that tungsten is twice the density of brass so that a tungsten steel tip dart can be made the diameter of a brass dart for the same weight. This means that you can more easily fit three darts into the treble 20 with tungsten steel tip dart than brass darts.

The tungsten steel dart weight comes in all varieties, especially when it comes to the grip. The grip can be smooth with just the grooves in the barrel to give the grip, or knurled with a more aggressive diamond pattern marked into the barrel for extra grip and the new edge grip.

Darts is a great game but like any other sport you need the right equipment. A good set of steel tip darts can help you improve your game and add to your enjoyment. Before buying any steel tip darts it's good to know what to look for. Most steel tip darts are made of brass, nickel silver, or tungsten.

Brass is the softest and lightest metal so brass steel tip darts need to be bigger and bulkier to achieve the desired weight and due to their softness are more prone to wear. Brass steel tip darts are usually the least expensive. Nickel Silver is slightly heavier than brass and a bit harder so darts are a bit more durable but still bulky.

Tungsten is the hardest and heaviest metal so darts can be smaller and slimmer than brass darts of the same weight allowing for tighter groupings. Tungsten steel tip darts are also much more durable so grooves and knurling are not as quickly worn down. By far the most popular choice for steel tip darts.

The weight of the steel tip dart is a matter of preference. How hard you throw the dart will determine how heavy the darts should be for you to use them accurately. The heavier the dart, the harder you have to throw it. Steel tip darts typically range from 18 grams up to as heavy as 30 grams with 22 grams to 25 grams being the most popular. Consider also where the steel tip dart is weighted. Some steel tip darts are weighted toward the front which are more suited to someone who lobs or arcs the dart. If you have a straight throw consider a steel tip dart that is more evenly weighted. Steel tip dart grips are usually smooth, knurled, diamond cuts, rings or a combination of each. The best grip offers control, consistency, and accuracy. Lastly and maybe most importantly is the design of the steel tip dart. Having steel tip darts with the right look can make you more comfortable, which can result in a very real psychological advantage.

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